Sabyasachi uses blockade to create new livelihoods

2021-11-12 08:52:10 By : Ms. Sunny Ye

Patel learned the coconut shell craftsmanship during the lock-up period and prepared to sell it on Amazon. Mayank Bhusan Pani tells the story of his determination

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Sabyasachi Patel handicraft made from coconut shell | Expression

BARGARH: For many people of different abilities, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought some challenges. Because of fear of infection, their movements are completely restricted, and the lockdown and work stoppage have affected their livelihoods. But in the face of adversity, Sabyasachi Patel, a 29-year-old orthopedic challenger from Bargar Puytara village, saw an opportunity.

He used the blockade to gain new skills in making handicrafts from coconut shells, and now plans to sell his products on the Amazon e-market. Due to orthopedic disease, Sabyasachi had disabled legs since childhood and was unable to walk normally. When he grew up, his disability rate rose to 55%.

Although he has completed a course in the hospitality industry, his health does not allow him to pursue a career in the industry. He returned to his village and began to look for options that would allow him to work with a disability. In 2019, on the suggestion of a friend, he tried poultry farming. Although he can make money from this profession, it is not in line with his interests, because he always has a knack for creativity. It was only during the closure of the city that Sabyasachi wanted to pursue his hobby of making handicrafts. While looking for craft ideas for a school project of his niece, he saw a video of coconut shell carving on Youtube. He finds it very interesting and wants to learn this craft.

"In my hotel management course, I learned how to carve fruits, vegetables, soap, jelly, etc. When I saw these videos, I was fascinated to see how Kerala craftsmen upgraded coconut shells to exquisite Handicrafts," he said.

Sabyasachi then collected coconut shells from temples near his village and started carving them. After about a month of rigorous experimentation, he learned how to make cups from coconut shells. He constantly tries new things and perfects them through constant practice. Four months ago, one of his cousins, a school teacher, bought a set of coconut cups from him and showed them to her colleagues. They were satisfied with the biodegradable cups and began to place orders with Sabyasachi.

He also tried to make wine glasses from shells, which are also very popular. As the news spread, he began to look for many buyers from nearby areas. At the same time, with some reference, an Amazon Easy store in Balangir found him and offered to sell his unique products online. Sabyasachi has now learned to make 15 to 17 handicrafts from coconut shells. After the product is photographed and recorded, he will soon launch his product on Amazon.

He thought this was an unexpected leap in his life. "I actually started as a leisure activity. I never thought it would take me this far. Not only me, but my parents felt that my handicrafts would be sold on platforms like Amazon. Proud", he said.

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