Bella Hadid Takes Her Pajamas To The Beach

2022-06-03 22:52:57 By : Ms. Coli Zhan

It’s possible the pandemic made us rethink the way we looked at pajamas. Pre-2020, sleepwear was mostly confined to the home, aside from the occasional quick pharmacy run to grab to grab some cold medicine when sick. But after two years of fully embracing sweatpants, and with the companies like Sleeper popping up and elevating pajamas to the point where they resemble formalwear, sleepwear has slowly made its way out of the house and into other parts of our lives. Rihanna recently proved boxers can become going out gear with the right accessories, and now, Bella Hadid is making a case to bring them to the beach.

Now, the beach seems like the last place you would want to wear pajamas—the sand getting into your clothes and later spilling onto your bed sounds like an absolute nightmare—but Hadid’s most recent ensemble proves that sometimes, the risk is worth it. While enjoying some downtime in St. Barts with boyfriend Marc Kalman, the model ditched a traditional bathing suit for a three-piece satin set. Rendered in a blueish-periwinkle, the look is made up of a bra-style top, boxer shorts, and a cotton button-up. Hadid then finished off the outfit with layers of gold jewelry on her neck and wrists, including Missoma’s molten baroque pearl drop hoop earrings.

But it’s not like the boxers were simply a coverup and Hadid was wearing bikini bottoms underneath. In a shot from her Instagram post, the model is seen mid-jump into the water, the shorts still on. It’s also important to note Hadid seemingly wore a nude bra under the blue top.

Without context, the set really reads as pajamas, so it’s unclear if that was the true intention of the design and Hadid just ruined this satin look with salt water, or if sleepwear is now making its way into the category of beachwear. Either way, it’s clear Hadid can pretty much convince us to wear anything with just one Instagram post and we’re predicting a whole lot of satin at the beach this summer.