Pedersen of the Warriors has a good reason for wearing a pearl necklace. Yard Buck

2021-11-12 08:52:43 By : Ms. Echo Zhang

With his Atlanta Warriors facing the Milwaukee Brewers in the NLDS, baseball fans will see more Jok Pedersen next week. About him, fans should know something: He just started wearing a pearl necklace in the game.

Yes, since last week, some people have seen Pedersen wearing pearls on the plate.

Joc Pederson wears a pearl necklace and a bat.

— Baseball GIF (@gifs_baseball), September 30, 2021

The reason why Pedersen wears pearls is the secret of the club. He said it was a mystery to everyone else.

Joc Pederson said that his wearing pearls is a mystery.

— Baseball GIF (@gifs_baseball), October 1, 2021

"This is a mystery to everyone. They will never know," Pedersen said.

When asked about Pearl again, he gave an amazing explanation. The outfielder said there was no special reason...

The Warriors acquired Pedersen through a trade with the Cubs before the deadline. This season, he hit 0.249 points with 7 home runs in 65 games. He was also praised for helping keep the Brave Club clubhouse loose. A pearl necklace is definitely a way to keep it loose. He has been doing this since this funny giveaway for minors.

This article first appeared on Larry Brown Sports with permission.

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